Payroll Administration

Payroll Processing Solutions For Every Business

How can a PEO boost your business? Payroll processing is probably the most widely recognized service offered by a PEO, likely due to the abundance of companies that offer only payroll administration. PEOs, however, can package payroll processing with other core services that your business needs to run more efficiently.

  • Is payroll a hassle at your business?
  • As a business owner, are you responsible for processing payroll?
  • Have your employees been paid later than expected in the last year?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then a PEO can save your business!

Better Payroll Processing Means A Better Business

A surefire way to anger your employees is to pay them late, especially if you have an established payroll date or time. But as a business owner, you have a lot of other responsibilities, so sometimes payroll is figured out in between meetings, sales calls and other time-sensitive tasks. This can lead to miscalculations and errors, even when using payroll processing software.

At Employee Leasing Experts, we can help you simplify the payroll process and remove it from your weekly or bi-weekly responsibilities completely. PEO payroll services include:

  • On-time Processing
  • Compliant Tax Withholding
  • Payroll Tax Submission To The IRS
  • Custom Reports & Alerts
  • Payroll Software Integration

With a PEO, you don’t have to worry whether your employees are paid on-time, because they will always be paid on-time. In addition, you won’t be liable for state or federal tax compliance because a PEO takes on that liability. In return, you’ll receive detailed reports on time tracking, attendance, and even data integrated with other PEO services such as benefits administration. These reports can let you know how much sick time or how many vacation days employees have left. PEO payroll reports can also alert you if an employee drops below the allotted full-time hours.