National PEO Services for California Small Businesses

Are you spending too much time on payroll & too much money on workers’ compensation insurance?


Too often, business owners in California spend a majority of their time figuring out payroll, calculating deductions, and hoping they are doing everything right so they won’t get audited by the IRS or sued by an employee.

All that time spent on legal documents, like W-2s and 1099s, can seriously eat into time you should be utilizing to make your company succeed. At ELE, we help you find the perfect solutions for payroll, human resources, workers’ compensation and even employee benefits through a PEO partnership. Our goal is to minimize the time you spend worrying about payroll and workers’ comp and maximize the time you spend on pushing your business into profits.

PEO Companies Can Benefit Small Businesses the Most

What Is A PEO?

A PEO, or Professional Employer Organization, can be the perfect partnership for your small business in California. PEOs provide a range of services that many businesses are unable to take on because of a lack of:

  • Funding
  • Personnel
  • Office Space / Equipment

At ELE, we aim to solve these problems many small business owners face by finding the perfect PEO that provides the services you need the most.

Many PEOs provide human resource management, payroll services, employee benefits and health insurance, and more. ELE finds the PEOs that provide the services your business needs at the most affordable prices so you can focus on your business and leave the rest to us.

When you outsource human resources responsibilities, including payroll administration and employee benefits management, your workforce can become more efficient. Plus, HR outsourcing can reduce overhead costs and free up much needed office space and equipment. It also provides peace of mind to many California small business owners who have entrusted many of these HR tasks to unqualified employees, such as office managers or part-time employees who only have limited training in accounting software like QuickBooks.

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PEO Service Packages

With all of the services a PEO provides, it can be confusing for a small business owner to determine which services to outsource and which services to keep in-house. At ELE, we can make the decision easier for you.

Which two PEO services do small businesses prefer? Payroll Services and Workers’ Compensation Insurance.

At ELE, we understand the frustrations and obstacles a small business owner experiences on a daily basis. That’s why we locate the best Payroll & Workers' Comp packages from PEOs that can lead your business into profits. We know that the most common PEO services used by small businesses are payroll management and workers’ compensation coverage because these two issues can severely affect the bottom line of a business.

With PEO payroll administration, your small business can:

  • Always pay employees on time with easy payroll processing
  • Provide employees with payroll options such as Direct Deposit
  • Ensure all tax filings and W-2s are completed and filed correctly

PEO workers’ compensation insurance allows your business to:

  • Save on premiums with pay-as-you-go workers’ comp
  • Avoid costly and frustrating end-of-year audits
  • Remain compliant with state and federal workers’ comp laws
  • Reduce risk of workplace injuries with PEO safety programs

Get affordable compliance options through a PEO & ELE.

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While small businesses are the most obvious to reap the many advantages of using a PEO, businesses of all sizes can actually grow while engaged in a PEO relationship. In fact, businesses that join a PEO can experience a 50% lower fail rate than businesses that go it alone. Why? The National Association of Professional Employer Organizations has found that businesses can save 21% on human resources administration and achieve a 9% higher growth rate when choosing to work with a PEO.

These savings often lead directly to a higher success rate.

Even spending money on PEO Employee Benefits can provide a return on investment. Companies that use PEOs are seeing lower turnover rates, sometimes up to 33% lower than before. And more employees are taking advantage of the benefits, perks and opportunities provided to them. In fact, nearly twice as many employees participate in retirement plans when a PEO is involved.

If you want your business to grow, if you want to improve the conditions of your workplace, and if you want to find affordable workers’ compensation solutions, then look no further than ELE.

ELE is a PEO consultant that places small businesses with skilled PEOs across the country. Even if your business is located in California, you can find business solutions anywhere. PEOs are eager to build long-lasting relationships with many businesses in San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Jose, Fresno and many other West Coast cities.

  • Outsource Human Resources Administration
  • Never Make A Payroll Mistake
  • Provide Employees With Benefits, Retirement Plans, Health Insurance & More

Find Affordable Solutions For Workers’ Compensation Insurance Coverage

  • Are you in a high-risk industry?
  • Do you have employees who have previously filed a workers’ compensation claim?

These factors can significantly raise your premiums on workers’ compensation insurance, which can make it difficult to find coverage you can afford. PEOs are able to provide some of the lowest rates in the nation even for high-risk industries like construction, day care, painting, hospitality, manufacturing, trucking, towing and many others.

Don’t give up hope. ELE can help you stay afloat and remain compliant with state and federal laws by finding you an ideal PEO match. PEOs include your high-risk employees in their own workers’ compensation policies, which can reduce premiums while still providing adequate coverage. This arrangement keeps your costs down but allows your employees to be covered in case of a workplace accident.

Why Choose ELE?

We're your go-to solution for payroll and workers' comp problems, and because we've built partnerships with PEOs nationwide, we can always find the best services at the best prices. And unlike other national PEO consultants for small businesses, you can always reach us on the phone for great customer service.

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