Human Resources Management

HR Is A Crucial Part Of Any Business

Yet many small businesses push aside many HR-related responsibilities, hoping non-compliance won’t be noted or that other serious issues such as harassment claims won’t arise. The fact of the matter is, every business — no matter how large or small — needs human resources. The truth is that many small business owners take on these responsibilities themselves, putting them at risk for lawsuits, fines and other penalties that can cause your business to fail.

Don’t put your business at risk just because you don’t have the personnel or office space for an HR department. Instead, rely on trained professionals from a PEO to keep your business up and running — and compliant.

Human Resources Management With PEOs

PEO professionals aren’t just available for compliance issues. They provide many solutions to issues that are common among businesses of all sizes. However, at ELE, we know that small businesses and medium-sized businesses often need PEOs the most to help them reduce overhead costs and focus on growth and success.

  • Employee Handbooks / Job Descriptions: Customized employee handbooks can help prevent bad behavior and they let employees know what can happen in certain circumstances, how they should behave, and what is expected of them as employees. Job descriptions are essential because they outline clear responsibilities, duties and tasks for the employee.
  • Training & Development: If you have more than a couple of employees, you’re probably not able to provide one-on-one training to promote development and growth. PEOs can provide these services, covering many topics such as safety training, harassment awareness and even job development. These are often considered the framework for a supportive and healthy work environment.
  • Recruiting & Talent Assessment: HR professionals are trained to scout for new talent as well as assess the talent of your current employees. Perhaps an individual would perform better in a different role, or a new recruit who is dual trained could prove to be more efficient for your business. If you don’t have time to sift through hundreds of résumés, then a PEO’s HR services can be a huge benefit.
  • Background Checks & Screenings: Outsourcing background checks and employee screenings can be very expensive. But if you’re already using a PEO, these services can be provided quickly at a lower cost. After all, the safety of your workplace and employees is worth it.
  • Labor Laws & Regulations: It’s unlikely that as a business owner, you stay up-to-date with all state and federal laws, regulations and guidelines pertaining to labor laws. For a PEO’s human resources professionals, however, these issues are at the forefront of their expertise.