National PEO Services for Illinois Small Businesses

Small Businesses in Illinois Can Access Big Savings With PEO Services

Illinois small business owners often find themselves spending too much time on payroll services when they need to be focusing on the strategic direction of their businesses. Tasks such as preparing W-2s, filing quarterly payroll taxes, and complying with workers’ compensation laws are time consuming and tend to require hours of research. That is on top of the regular payroll processing that needs to be completed every pay period.

A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) can manage all your payroll services for you. A PEO provides businesses with comprehensive human resources services, including payroll management, workers’ compensation insurance, and employee benefits. Using a PEO organization to manage your employee services is often less costly than maintaining human resources in-house. Working with a PEO will save you time that you can put back into your business to focus more on growth and sales.

Benefits of a PEO Services for Small Businesses

Working with a PEO can even help to reduce your employee turnover rate. PEOs can implement employee perks that lead to higher workplace morale and, therefore, lower employee turnover, which will save you money in training new employees. A dedicated PEO will ensure consistency in payroll and benefits processing for employees as well as peace of mind for you as the business owner.

As your PEO broker, we work with PEOs who understand Illinois workers’ compensation laws and use precise payroll calculators to ensure your employees’ wages, benefits, and perks are handled professionally and accurately. Your PEO consultant at ELE will work with you to design a package that will work best for your business. We work with PEOs throughout the U.S. to find you the most affordable option to meet your business needs.

Let ELE Help With Your Payroll Burdens

Small businesses are in the best position to benefit from outsourcing employee services to a PEO. Small businesses are often limited by space, staffing, and software budgets that keep them from being able to house a human resource department. As your business grows and you hire employees, you legally need to provide accurate payroll services despite your limitations. This is where a PEO comes in and relieves that burden.

A PEO can help small businesses offer employee perks, such as vacation time, that a business owner may not be able to manage otherwise. A PEO can also help you get affordable workers’ compensation insurance even if you are in a high-risk industry.

When you bundle payroll processing services and workers’ compensation insurance with all your other human resources needs, you will wonder why you didn’t work with a PEO sooner. Let ELE show you how we can help you save money and also free up your time to spend where it is most important for your business.

ELE has been working with businesses and PEOs for over 20 years. Let us work with your business to match you up with a PEO and create a bundle to serve your business and your employees.