Why PEO Is in Demand

Affordable Services For All Types of Businesses

At Employee Leasing Experts, we have been in the PEO industry for more than 20 years, providing successful PEO-client matches. We love what we do because we can help so many businesses grow along the way. And we stay with it due to the overwhelming demand for PEOs across the nation.

The PEO industry is only approximately 30 years old. That’s young for an industry, but it shows how great the need for PEOs is in our economy. While many tout the benefits for keeping services in-house, the facts are plain to see. PEOs can:

  • Lower Overhead Costs
  • Improve Employee Productivity
  • Reduce Liabilities & Risks
  • Enhance Workplace Morale
  • Diminish Turnover Rates
  • Raise Chances of Overall Business Growth & Success

With so many advantages to utilizing a PEO, it’s no wonder that PEOs remain in-demand.

How Businesses Are Using PEOs

While it may seem that all PEOs offer the same services, the difference is in you, the client! Each business offers unique opportunities for solutions that only a PEO can fill.

  • Small and medium businesses often rely on PEOs to provide employee perks and benefits in order to lower turnover rates and improve workplace conditions.
  • Businesses of all sizes turn to PEOs for expert payroll processing with no hassle, no fuss, and most of all, no liability. We specialize in finding the right PEO for small businesses and medium-sized businesses.
  • Businesses that do not have the workforce, or room, for a human resources department can benefit greatly from an outsourced PEO. A PEO can provide a remote HR department of highly trained professionals while employing an in-house director or personnel at your place of business. You get the best of both world — a team of experts without needing a bigger office.
  • Small businesses and individual business owners can gain affordable workers’ compensation insurance coverage through a PEO, even if they are in a high-risk industry.