National PEO Services for Utah Small Businesses

PEOs Benefit Small Businesses in Many Ways

Many small business owners in Utah spend most of their time on essential administrative tasks, such as calculating deductions and payroll, with the hope that they are executing everything in a perfect manner to avoid being audited by the IRS. But few realize the time spent on handling legal documents such as W-2s and 1099s can be saved and utilized to make your company competitive. Luckily, at Employee Leasing Experts, we are here to help you to find the right solutions to the challenges you are facing at your small business. Through a Professional Employer Organization, we can minimize the time you spend on handling issues related to the payroll, HR and even determining the right amount of workers’ compensation insurance coverage.

What is a PEO?

A PEO is an organization dedicated to offering broad range of services that many companies and organizations have yet to take advantage of. PEOs can be a perfect partner for your small business in Utah. Often, the services offered by PEOs are those yet to be utilized by companies due to the lack of:

  • Funding
  • Personnel
  • Equipment/office space

At ELE, our mission is to help these kinds of challenges faced by the majority of small business owners. We are motivated to helping small business owners find the perfect PEO that provides the right services for their businesses. Typically, PEOs offer services such as human resource management, employee benefits, health insurance, payroll services, and many more. The aim of ELE is to help you find the PEO that offers the services that fit your business at the most affordable rates so that you can work on how you can improve the business side of your company.

When you contact us and procure HR solutions, which include payroll administration and employee benefits management, your problems will be solved. Additionally, HR outsourcing services from ELE can minimize the overhead costs, and as a result, free up office space as well as equipment. Our HR solutions also offer the peace of mind to small business owners who have for many years suffered from poor HR management and incompetent or inexperienced employees.

PEO Service Packages

PEOs offers a variety of packages that can be overwhelming to a small business owner. At ELE, we are dedicated to making the selection decision simple for you. We work with small business owners in Utah to learn about your business, your goals and your workforce. Then, analyze the critical needs of your business in order to locate the best options for PEOs. And when you work with ELE, you never have to worry about being bombarded with proposals for services your small business doesn’t need. And once all of the proposals are in, we painstakingly evaluate each proposal, providing you with an in-depth report.

Many small business owners in Utah mistakenly believe that PEO services cannot be altered. But in fact, PEO services can be customized to suit your needs and the way you operate your small business, adding convenience and efficiency.

Find Affordable Solutions for Workers’ Compensation Insurance Coverage

  • Is your business in a high-risk industry?
  • Do you have employees who have recently filed a claim against your company?

If this is the case, then know that these issues can extremely raise your premiums on the workers’ compensation insurance, which will make it difficult to find the coverage you can afford. Nonetheless, with PEOs, you can be offered some of the lowest rates including high-risk industries such as construction, daycare, painting, hospitality, towing, manufacturing, trucking, and many others.

Why choose ELE?

Choosing ELE would be a perfect decision because this is a go-to solution for the employees' comp problems and payroll services. Besides, ELE has built partnerships with PEOs nationwide, and they can often find the right services for you at competitive prices.

Contact us at ELE today and find out how we can help you grow your company to greater heights.