National PEO Services for Texas Small Businesses

The Best Payroll & Workers’ Comp For Small Businesses

As a Texas small business owner who has employees, you may find yourself spending much of your time on payroll management when you need to be working on overseeing and growing your business. Those payroll tasks that may not be your specialty can become burdensome.

While your business continues to grow and you hire more employees, it becomes even more important to have a solid payroll and benefits system in place.

At Employee Leasing Experts (ELE), we can match you with a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) that will manage your human resources needs for you. A PEO provides organizations of all sizes with a full array of business services, including workers’ compensation insurance and employee benefits packages.

With ELE & the Right PEO Services, Your Small Business Can Save Big

Business owners are often surprised to find out that working with a PEO organization may not only save them money versus keeping all human resources functions in-house, but working with a PEO can even reduce employee turnover. A PEO can administer employee benefits that small businesses simply cannot manage on their own. Perks, such as tuition reimbursement and retirement funds lead to higher workplace morale, thus reducing employee turnover.

As your PEO broker, we will pair you with a PEO who fully understands Texas workers' compensation requirements and uses secure software with accurate payroll calculators to protect your employees and calculate their wages, benefits, and perks precisely. A PEO will add peace of mind for the business owner and also for the employees who know their paychecks and benefits are being maintained by experienced professionals.

PEO Workers’ Compensation Insurance

The network of coverage available through PEOs makes workers' compensation insurance much more affordable, whether you are in a high risk industry or not. Plus, your PEO will handle claim administration and OSHA compliance for you.

A PEO consultant at ELE will discuss your needs and put together a package that is affordable as well as being comprehensive enough to cover your employment needs. As your business grows you legally must provide accurate payroll services despite any staffing and space limitations. A PEO can relieve that burden.

Workers' compensation insurance and payroll processing services can be bundled with other human resources needs, leaving you to focus on growing your business. You'll be kicking yourself for not outsourcing your payroll related services sooner.

ELE: Your No. 1 PEO Broker

Let us help you avoid costly mistakes. We can save you time and money by matching you with the right PEO for your business. We truly understand that no other business is like your business. We want to understand your goals and the essence of your business. A PEO is an extension of your business and that is exactly how we treat that relationship.

ELE will work closely with you to find the right PEO and bundle of services for your business. ELE has worked with PEOs and businesses for over 20 years. Contact us today and let us show you why we’re the best PEO broker around.