National PEO Services for South Carolina Small Businesses

A Package Deal For ELE Services

Employee Leasing Experts is a firm that provides access to affordable human resources management, payroll services, HR management, HR solutions, and workers’ compensation. There is a lot of work that goes into managing your workforce, and from ELE you will get comprehensive solutions that streamline your HR processes. We can help make your department accessible and easy-to-manage as you work with our industry experts.

Small businesses typically benefit the most from our PEO services. In fact, businesses of all sizes experience the benefits of our PEO partnerships. Businesses that use a PEO can experience a 50% decrease in fail rates in comparison to other businesses that go at it alone. Businesses that enlist in our PEO services can save up to 25% on HR, and maintain a 9% growth. In total, we offer a package deal in Human Resources Management, workers’ compensation, payroll functions, HR management, and HR solutions.

ELE Payroll Services

We offer payroll services that improve insight, compliance, and management of human capital. It is not just about paying your employees and other connections; it is about how your payroll department functions. In consideration with payroll data, all aspects of your payroll department can be refined and improved to help you with other parts of your business. Having a better functioning payroll department can:

  • Lower risk of health reform compliance issues and penalties associated
  • Provide adept understanding of employment-related Tax and Compliance issues
  • Give you multiple solutions for payroll payment options in terms of paying your employees
  • Manage your business cash flow and compliance with accounting and business standards associated with payroll systems

ELE Human Resource Management

ELE provides HR management, focusing on the people. We use a simple approach to streamline your HR department, and we have the people, the technology, and processes to transform your department. We will transform your HR department into an active and administrative function that is a powerful and vital entity to your business. When we automate your HR department, your activities and resources are streamlined to free up untapped opportunities and core strengths.

Workers’ Compensation

If you run a small business in a high-risk industry, or you have previous employees who have filed for workers' compensation, those two factors alone can raise the premiums. It can be difficult to find the right coverage that is affordable for your small business. We provide some of the lowest rates nationally; it does not matter if you run a construction company or a daycare, or work in the hospitality industry, towing, manufacturing, etc. PEO workers’ compensation insurance coverage falls under an umbrella of coverage so you get the best rates from PEOs across the country.

Contact ELE today and consult with one of our payroll, workers’ comp or HR management experts to find out how a PEO can grow your small business in South Carolina.