National PEO Services for Pennsylvania Small Businesses

How Can a PEO Benefit Your Small Business?

Frequently, business owners in Pennsylvania spend most of their time thinking about payroll, computing deductions and hoping they are handling everything in the right way and will avoid audits by the IRS or being sued by their employees. All this time spent on legal documents such as 1099s and W-2s can be utilized to make your company successful. At ELE, we will help you to find the right solutions for your business challenges. Through PEO partnership, our aim is to minimize the time you spend worrying about payroll services and other issues. On the other hand, we will help you save time to push the interest of your business forward.

What is a PEO?

A PEO (Professional Employer Organization) is the perfect partnership for your small business in Pennsylvania. PEOs offer a broad range of services that most companies are yet to take advantage of due to lack of:

  • Personnel
  • Funding
  • Equipment/office space

At ELE, we aim to help solve these issues most small business owners face by finding the right PEO that offers the services you require. Most of the PEOs provide payroll services, human resource management, health insurance, employee benefits, and other critical services. ELE helps to find the PEOs that offer the services that your business requires at the most affordable prices so that you can focus on making your company profitable.

When you outsource HR solutions, including employee benefits management and payroll administration, you can be assured that your workforce can become more efficient than ever before. Besides, HR outsourcing can further reduce the overhead costs and free up the much-needed office space as well as equipment. Also, it offers the peace of mind to most of the Pennsylvania small business owners who have for many years entrusted this HR management to incompetent employees.

PEO Service Packages

With all the services a PEO offers, it can be confusing to a small business owner to determine the right service to outsource and which to keep in-house. At ELE, we are here to make the decision easy for you.

Find Affordable Solutions for the Workers' Compensation Insurance Coverage

Do you have workers who have in the past filed a claim regarding workers' issues?

Are you working in a high-risk industry?

These factors can profoundly raise your premiums on the workers’ compensation insurance, making it hard to find coverage you can afford. With PEOs, you can be provided with some of the lowest rates in the nation including high-risk industries such as daycare, construction, painting, manufacturing, hospitality, towing, trucking, and many others.

Why Choose ELE?

Choosing ELE is your perfect choice because we are a go-to solution for payroll services and workers' comp problems. Besides, we have built partnerships with PEOs nationwide, and we can often find the best services at competitive prices.

Contact ELE today and find out we can help you grow your business to greater heights.