National PEO Services for Oklahoma Small Businesses

Find Business Solutions At Competitive Prices With ELE!

ELE is a trusted PEO consultant that pairs small businesses in Oklahoma with PEOs across the country. These partnerships provide businesses with the necessary resources and services to promote growth. In fact, businesses who choose to partner with a PEO see a 50% reduction in failure rates!

ELE is a trusted PEO broker, finding the perfect match between qualified PEOs and small business owners across the country. If you’re looking for a better way to handle payroll services, if you need a dedicated and qualified human resource management representative or team, or if you’re struggling to find affordable workers’ compensation insurance, then contact ELE!

We give you access to the best workers’ compensation coverage solutions for high-risk industries and hard-to-place risks. Small business owners in Oklahoma know that there are a lot of industries which insurance companies deem risky. And if you have a MOD Rate higher than 1.0, then you could be looking at a hefty premium, or worse, being denied coverage by your insurance provider.

ELE keeps your employees covered by giving you access to hundreds of PEOs across the nation who are qualified to cover Oklahoma employees in their workers’ compensation insurance. And because of the way a PEO workers’ comp system works — by grouping individuals together under an umbrella policy — premiums are much lower.

You Can Trust ELE

Whether your business is located in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Norman, Broken Arrow, Lawton or anywhere else in the Sooner State, ELE can find the right PEO match for you, without PEOs soliciting you at the office or job site.

Midwest businesses are in tight competition, so many turn to PEOs to lower overhead costs and outsource human resources & payroll responsibilities to gain the upper hand. And it works!

Businesses that join a PEO see a 9% higher growth rate. And because ELE only works with qualified PEOs across the country, you can rest easy knowing you’re gaining access to the highest level of professionals in the industry. At ELE, we handle the bidding process and even provide relevant leads to our clients. We never sell your information or provide it unauthorized.

How Can A PEO Help Your Business?

  • Human Resources: If you aren’t trained in HR solutions, then you need a PEO. Get customized employee handbooks and job descriptions, assistance in SUTA/SUI claims & hearings, human resources consulting, assistance in FMLA/COBRA compliance, on-site training representatives and so much more. Outsource your HR and watch your company grow.
  • Payroll Services: Stop wasting time on payroll and start managing your business! Everything is taken care of by PEO payroll services, including paycheck generation, payroll deductions, payroll reporting, form processing, year-end tax documentation and more.
  • Workers’ Compensation: There’s more to a PEO than just paperwork. Some of the largest industries in Oklahoma are also considered high risks. Mining, construction, hospitality, trucking and many other high-risk industries can leave owners questioning whether it’s best to move out-of-state. PEOs provide affordable workers’ compensation solutions to thousands of businesses in the United States. And ELE can help you find a PEO that offers the best coverage at the most-competitive prices.

Contact ELE & Start Saving With A PEO

ELE is your answer to many troubling payroll, HR, and workers’ comp questions. If you want to reduce overhead costs and grow your business, choose a trusted PEO consultant like ELE. We work with hundreds of PEOs and are experienced in finding the best PEO match for businesses in every industry. Contact us today and learn about the ELE advantage!