National PEO Services for Georgia Small Business

Every Business Relies On Payroll.
But Could Your Payroll Be Doing More For Your Business?

At ELE, we think so, and we know that administering payroll by yourself takes you and other business owners away from more important responsibilities.

Get access to faster payroll filing, better time management, easier pay deductions
and garnishments, and guaranteed compliance — all with a PEO.

PEO Solutions for Georgia Business Owners

Owning a small business in Georgia can be highly competitive. So when using a PEO can actually improve the chances of your business’ success, it comes as no surprise that more business owners are turning to ELE for solutions to payroll, human resources, employee benefits and workers’ compensation insurance.

Working in the South can be tough. The warm climate provides the perfect opportunity for year-round maintenance, manufacturing, landscaping, construction and so much more. But many of the top industries in Georgia are also ones that carry the highest risk for employers and employees. If your business is considered “high-risk,” then you need affordable workers’ compensation insurance coverage that won’t break the bank but that is still compliant with state laws.

A PEO can help! PEOs specialize in providing low-cost premiums for high-risk industries. That means you can offer the right amount of coverage for your employees and still be able to afford it. And with ELE’s unique Request for Proposal process, PEOs will be falling over themselves to provide the lowest bid. You get great prices and superior services thanks to ELE.

Have a business in Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Macon, Savannah or Athens?

No matter where your business is established in Georgia, ELE can find the solutions to your biggest concerns.

  • Payroll administration takes up a lot of time, especially if you or your employee are not trained adequately. Unfortunately for thousands of small business owners, payroll responsibilities are often undertaken by the owner. If you’re working on payroll late into the night, or rushing to get it done by the end of “payday”, then you need ELE to help you find the right PEO for you.
    PEO Payroll Administration services are ideal for small businesses that don’t have the qualified personnel needed to handle all of the intricacies of payroll, like figuring out state and federal taxes, filing W-2s and 1099s, and guaranteeing compliance with all state and federal laws pertaining to payroll.
  • If you don’t have a human resources representative, let alone an entire human resources management department, you leave yourself open to a lot of liability. PEO Human Resources Administration can deliver customized employee handbooks and job descriptions so you can better manage your employees.
    Outsourcing HR also allows you to save on overhead costs and better utilize office space — an additional benefit of using a PEO for small businesses! HR responsibilities also include a lot of paperwork, which can be confusing to fill out and file. PEO HR reps are professionals who are highly trained for these specific tasks. They are also capable of hiring and managing employees.
  • Providing employee benefits is often one of the last things a business owner worries about. Many owners don’t think they can afford to give their employees benefits, and the headache that comes with benefits management is one thought best avoided. But PEO Employee Benefits Management makes every step of the processes a breeze.
    Dedicated representatives are available to help your employees determine the best choices for health, dental, vision and life insurance, and they can also answer questions about available 401(k) savings. PEOs can track the holiday, vacation and sick time used by employees, and even set your company up with flexible spending accounts and other employee perks. It’s no wonder businesses who use a PEO see a turnover rate nearly 33% lower than before.

ELE Is Your One-Stop For Business Solutions

Let us help your business grow by lowering your failure rate, improving workplace conditions, and letting you rise above your competition.

Small businesses across the State of Georgia are turning to PEOs for solutions to payroll administration, workers’ compensation insurance coverage, outsourcing human resources and offering employee benefits. Contact ELE today to start the PEO process, and start seeing a higher return on your investment when you partner with the right PEO.